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I have helped my clients, drawn from 16 jurisdictions, achieve outstanding results in Chambers and Legal 500. Around a third of the submissions I have helped them complete have attained a firm or individual lawyer promotion/new ranking. The vast majority of these results have been achieved on first use of myself services. 

To date my clients' results have included:

- Promotion to tier one in Legal 500 for a UK firm's core sector practice.
- Promotion to tier 1 in two core sector areas on first use of my services for a major Italian firm.
- Entering band 1 on first submission to Chambers for a boutique CEE firm.
- Promotion to band 1 in Chambers for a specialist CEE firm.
- Entering tier 2 in Legal 500 for an SEE firm.
- Three new individual rankings (including a new Leading Individual) for a specialist CEE firm.
- First ever Chambers Global ranking in dispute resolution for Austrian firm.
- Recognition in three core areas on first submission to Chambers for major SEE firm.
- 100% success rate (2 firm promotions from 2 submissions) for Malaysian client (including a promotion to tier 2) in Legal 500. 

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